Rolling Hills Vineyard Church | What About Kids

Rolling Hills Kids Church

We are excited to partner with you as parents. At Rolling Hills Vineyard Church, we are teaching our kids to love God, love others and live intentionally. In the Vineyard we believe children play a significant role in the kingdom of God. Every Sunday morning, we provide a safe, biblical worship filled atmosphere for kids ages 6 weeks through 5th grade. Each children’s church team member has been trained and background checked. When you arrive, you will be given a pager and asked to fill out a form for allergies and contact information. Only the person or persons checking your children in may check them out at the end of service unless otherwise specified on the form.

Nursery (0-2 yrs)

Our nursery is staffed with professional, caring adults who provide a safe and secure environment conducive to the child’s physical, social and spiritual growth. When you are confident in leaving your baby in the care of our staff, then you are able to worship with a sense of security. We have taken great care to prepare our nursery rooms to be the best environment for your baby with age appropriate toys and an opportunity to interact with others.

Our nursery is divided into two groups:

  • Babies—for infants from 6 weeks old to age one or until your child is walking.
  • Walkers—for children walking up to 2 years old

Preschool (3 yrs – Pre K)

Our goal is to encourage preschoolers in a growing, loving relationship with Jesus Christ and others in an atmosphere where they feel a sense of belonging. We present biblical learning materials with a hands-on approach to help establish in the hearts of the children an active faith toward God and His Word. We have designed age appropriate classes just for them.

We are passionate about making sure that preschoolers get to experience teaching, worship and ministry:

  • Teaching from the Bible
  • Musical worship
  • Prayer ministry

Elementary (K- 5th)

Rolling Hills  offers an environment where children from kindergarten through fifth grade can discover and develop a passion for God. Through worship, teaching, and a variety of fun activities, children are exposed to God’s Word and challenged to grow in their relationship with God. Everything we teach our elementary kids is based on the truths modeled by Jesus in Luke 2:52. And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.

We want every child to know our mission and live it alongside the rest of our church:

  • Love God – We believe adults and kids alike can have an intimate loving relationship with our father God.
  • Love Others – We see the Bible teaching us to respect and honor the amazing people God has uniquely created for us to live, work and play with.
  • Live Intentionally – We are on a mission to live every day with intentional behavior and put effort in gospel centered conversations and actions.


Discipline Policies
  • All children will be treated with gentleness, respect, and understanding.
  • Physical punishment will never be used.
  • Classroom expectations and discipline guidelines (“3 strikes” policy) are posted in classrooms regularly scheduled for use by children ages 3- 5th grade.
  • The “3 strikes” policy for dealing with infractions of the classroom expectations helps with more challenging issues that may come up. “3 strikes” works like this: First offense: Child is given a quiet, kind reminder of the expectation. Second offense: Child is taken to the side and asked “what is going on?” and other loving questions to see why they are misbehaving. Child is to verbalize what they have done wrong and be reminded and encouraged to change their behavior/attitude. Third offense: Child’s parent is called and the situation is explained to the parent. Child goes with the parent back to the sanctuary for rest of service. NEVER send a child out of the classroom without a parent. 

Facility Policies
  • Nursery changing tables will be placed at all times in view of all nursery workers. 
  • Dutch doors have been placed in all children’s classrooms approved for childcare use. The top half of the door is to remain open at all times so that the view into the room remains unobstructed. 
  • Electronic devices (cell phones) should not be out during service except in the case of an emergency.
  • Children may be given a snack and drink from an approved snack list that is allergy friendly. The guardian may opt out of this by letting the RHVC KIDS volunteer know when dropping the child off.
  • Children are allowed to bring a labeled water bottle to class with them.
  • No other outside food or drink is allowed.

Security Policies
  • Childcare can only be provided when a guardian is present at the church.
  • Children may not be dropped off in a classroom without a volunteer present.
  • Only authorized RHVC KIDS volunteers, children signed into RHVC KIDS, and the guardians of children signed into RHVC KIDS are allowed to be in the children’s areas at any time. 
  • All children will receive a name tag with a number on it when they are signed in for class at the RHVC KIDS check in desk. Parents have a corresponding tag with the same number on it as the child’s. This is used for identification when picking up the child from their class. This same number is also used when summoning the child’s parents from the sanctuary if they are needed. 
  • Kids will be released only to the person presenting a valid pick up ticket for that child. In the event an adult tries to claim a child without a ticket, the Director must be notified immediately.
  • Volunteer teachers will maintain strict guidelines for appropriate touch: top of head, shoulders, elbows, hands, sideways hugs. Kids have a right to say “no” to being touched.
  • Volunteers may not hold kids older than three years old on their laps.
  • A photo release needs to be signed by all parents and they may opt out if they choose. 

Restroom Policies
  • Any child that requires assistance when using the restroom must have a parent paged to do so. RHVC KIDS volunteers will not provide any toileting assistance. 
  • Parents are paged for diaper changes unless prior arrangements have been made between the parents and volunteer team. 

Staffing and Supervision
  • Individuals with a record of child sexual abuse or physical abuse are not eligible to work with children.
  • All teenage volunteers must be under the direct supervision of an adult worker.
  • To be eligible to volunteer in RHVC KIDS you must  agree to and pass a background check showing no history of sexual abuse or physical abuse.
  • Toddler/ Preschool class will have a minimum of two adults present. One lead teacher and one or more assistants. 
  • Elementary class will have a lead teacher every week, and an assistant teacher as needed. 

Allegations of Abuse
Church Response
  • All allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and will be investigated.
  • Situations will be handled immediately, yet with due respect to people’s confidentiality and privacy.
  • Full cooperation will be given to law enforcement authorities.
  • Appropriate care will be given to victims.
  • If the accused is a volunteer or employee, the church will relieve him or her of duties until the incident is resolved.


General Guidelines
  • RHVC KIDS volunteers will use good and common sense safety practices.
  • RHVC KIDS volunteers will refrain from unsafe actions that might endanger yourself or others.
  • RHVC KIDS volunteers will follow safety procedures provided for your protection.
  • RHVC KIDS volunteers will report unsafe situations or actions immediately to the Director.

Emergency Guidelines
  • Volunteers will familiarize themselves with the location of the Emergency Exits and the Evacuation Plans posted in the classroom in which they serve. Emergency Evacuation Plans are posted in all classrooms.
  • If evacuation is called for, use the nearest unaffected exit. Guide the group you are working with to proceed quickly and calmly. Do not run.
  • In the event an Emergency Evacuation of children from the classroom becomes necessary, bring the weekly census sheet with you, in order to ensure that all children are safe and accounted for.

First Aid
  • First aid kits are located in the preschool and elementary classrooms. Please become familiar with these locations.
  • In case of accident or injury, you must fill out an Injury/Accident Report Form. These forms are located in each classroom near the first aid kit.
  • Parents should be notified in the event their child experienced an injury or accident during the service. Completed forms must be turned in to the Director.